Arms and Armours


Arms were the first passion of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli. Indeed, the Armoury was the first room of his house-museum to be arranged. On the first floor, it originally featured sumptuous neogothic furniture and magnificent decorations on the walls and on the ceiling, as well as a great number of standards, arms, armours, trophies and mannequins. The original room was destroyed during the Second World War and the design of the new Armoury is by the contemporary sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro (2000).

The collection of arms and armours consists in Italian Renaissance pieces, mainly from Milan and Brescia (defensive arms, bladed weapons, shock weapons, breastplates, firearms and some parade armours from the 16th century by the famous armourer Pompeo della Cesa).
Very interesting is also the group of 16thand 17thCentury German firearms.