Reliquiary - inv. 541

Lombard, 15th Century

Reliquiary of the cross called the "Pax of Rivolta d'Adda"
165 x 73 mm
1902 acquisition 1902
Inv. 541

Jewelry Room

The reliquiary of the cross with mooving doors, called the "Pax of Rivolta d'Adda", was purchased from the church of the Lombard town of Rivolta d'Adda. The triptych shows the "Nativity" on the central inner panel and "Saint Bernardino of Siena" and Saint Louis of Toulouse" on the doors; on the outside of the doors "The Annunciation" and on the back of the central part the "Crucifixion". This enamel on silver and gilded silver object was produced at the end of the 15th century in the de Predis family workshop.