Fund raising

The Circle of Restoration
The Circle of Restoration was an idea of Marta Marzotto and gathers a group of people generously supporting the conservation and the restoration of the Museum artworks.
Some Club Members have decided to give funds for the restoration of artworks, others have offered a share of 1000 € for the admission to this exclusive club. Now in the Club there are about 50 members.
Each member receives a special card with exclusive benefits including:
-Free admission to the Poldi Pezzoli Museum
-Invitation to special openings, events and exhibitions.
 "5 per mille"
Each taxpayer in Italy can donate a small percentage (“5 per mille”) of his taxes to a non-profit organisation as the Poldi Pezzoli Museum.
5 reasons to do that. A real support to:
- daily opening of the Museum rooms
- protection, study and promotion of the Museum artworks
- guided tours, lectures, cultural meetings
- educational activities
- special initiatives for adults, young people and families

Maurizio Delsale
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