Commemorative beaker - inv. 1412

Germany, 17th century

Commemorative beaker
enamel   transparent glass  
height 165 mm
date inscription
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 1412

Dante Study

This commemorative type of beaker, called a “Familienhumpen”, first became common in Germany in the Middle Ages. Cylinder shaped and with a slight bulge in the middle, it is covered with polychrome enamel decorations which represent the members of the family. The father, shown holding a glass, and the mother are larger figures. Inscriptions name them as ANTHONIUS NENTWICH and MARGARETHA NENTWICH. Next to them are the figures of their children: ANNA MARGARETHA N., GASPARIUS NENTWICH, ANNA MARGARETHA, MARGARETHA N., MICHAEL NENTWICH (the last three, clearly dead, are represented kneeling with clasped hands, dressed in white and accompanied by small crosses). A coat of arms, perhaps of the family, is surmounted by the inscription “Gott mitt ons Allen” and next to the mother we read the date 1651.