Cabinet - inv. d.t. 731b

Workshop of Jacopo Fiamengo (active XVII century)

ivory   fir   ebony  
68 x 96 x 62 cm
Inv. d.t. 731b

These very fine ebony veneered cabinets with refined carving on ivory probably come from the Neapolitan workshop of Jacopo Fiamengo, one of the best-known Italian cabinet-makers. The cabinet on the left has a map of the Kingdom of Naples at the top, while the drawers are decorated with plans of the major European cities and the city of “Mexico”. The ivory plaque in the middle represents the battle of Lepanto, with the portrait of Don John of Austria, the commander of the Christian fleet victorious over the Turks (1571). The cabinet on the right has a map of the globe at the top, accompanied by allegorical depictions of Africa, America, Europe, Asia, the only continents then known. The panel on the central door celebrates the conquest of America: two tondi represent Amerigo Vespucci and Cristopher Columbus, while Ferdinand Magellan is seated on a caravel surrounded by mermaids. The ebonized bases probably date from the late nineteenth century.

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