Kuttrolf-type vase - inv. 1205

Germany, 17th century

Kuttrolf-type vase
transparent glass  
height 235 mm
1905 acquisition 
Inv. 1205

Antique Murano Glass Room

The bottle, in transparent glass, has a spherical body decorated with a net pattern blown in a mould and a neck made of five entwined tubelets inclined to one side. Similar bottles (of the Kuttrolf type), with a braided neck and a large beak-shaped lip for pouring the liquid slowly, were in use in German-speaking countries already in the Middle Ages. They became very popular above all in the seventeenth century. They were produced both in Venice and in glassworks north of the Alps, which worked “à la façon de Venise”, i.e. in imitation of Venetian style and techniques.