Andrea Appiani - inv. 272

Andrea Appiani (1754-1817)

Portrait of Giuseppe Parini
22,5 x 18 cm
1892 acquisition 
Inv. 272

not on display
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The great writer, a dominant figure in the Lombard Enlightenment, has been portrayed in profile. The artist has used sharp precise pencil strokes to pick out the details of the sitter's face, the lines around his sunken eyes and mouth, lean in old age.

Appiani portrayed Parini in other two drawings. The poet would appear to be more than sixty years old, thus indicating a date between 1795 and 1799, the year the writer died, for these three portraits. The closeness between the painter and his model, revealed by these drawings, may also depend on the common origin of the two families, both from Bosisio.

In 1892 Giuseppe Bertini, then director of the Museum, bought the drawing for about 200 lire from Cesare Rizzo, attracted not only by the name of the artist but also by the identity of the famous sitter.

[L. P.]