Diadema - inv. 5800

Torre del Greco manifacture, mid 18th century

Coral Tiara
silver gilt   coral  
18 x 4,8 cm
2009 donation Sabina Gavazzi
Inv. 5800

Jewelry Room


Tiara with silver-gilt frame “a galleria” made with ​​a mould and later finished by hand. The tiara, a characteristic head ornament in neoclassic style, enriched with corals was widespread in the courts of Napoleonic Europe. The beautiful craft of this object with the cutouts and processed corals and its comparison with many other items in Italy and France, indicates the fortune of these objects. In particular, the arrival at Torre del Greco of Gioacchino Murat and his wife Carolina Bonaparte confirmed and increased the manufacturing of coral and has augmented the number of styles inspired by the neoclassical world.