Cammeo - inv. 545

Trapani, late 18th century

Double/sides cameo with the countances of the Virgin and Crist
44 x 33 mm, 26 g
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 545

Jewelry Room

High relief in sardinia coral, carved on both sides with the faces of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Notwithstanding the passage of time due to contact with the body in bags to protect the owners from harm, the cameo remains strongly characterized. The burin engraving shows the traits of the hair and beard in Christ and the oriental hairstyle of the Virgin Mary. But the halos help to confirm the iconography: the rays in the female figure are carefully detailed, while just mentioned on the face, which has, however, the most recognizable iconography. These kind of amulets also recur during the next century in the Torrese production as holy pictures. The religious significance of the iconography meets the profane and apothropaic taste of the coral. It was part of the collection of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli, it was exhibited for the first time in 1902 by Camillo Boito as shown in the Catalogo del Museo Artistico Poldi Pezzoli of that year.