The exhibition “Passion for Drawings: works from the Lampugnani collection from the XVth to the XIXth century”, set up in the Hall of the Collector from March 8th 2013 to May 13th 2013, is dedicated Riccardo Lampugnani’s collection of ancient drawings, that he generously donated to the Museum in 1997.

This new exhibition, curated by Andrea Di Lorenzo and Tiziana Monaco, offers a selection of forty drawings dated from the XVth to the beginning of the XIXth century that constitute the core and a still unexplored part of the more than six hundred drawings that Lampugnani left to the Museum.

It will be possible to view, amongst others, the Ecce Homo by Bartolomeo Pasotti, an Adoration of the shepherds by Luca Cambiaso, a Study for a funerary monument by Gregorio De Ferrari, an Allegoric Figure by Filippo Pedrini, Tobias and the angel by Domenico Piola, Hadrian’s entry in Rome and Marcus Aurelius’ Triumph by Pietro Sante Bartoli, preparatory studies for incisions that reproduce two reiliefs from the Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome, the Apparition of the Virgin Mary to St. Anthony of Padua by Carlo Francesco Nuvolone and some splendid drawings by Ubaldo, Gaetano e Mauro Gandolfi.  In some cases the drawings are sketches made by the artist to quickly put down on paper the first compositional ideas or in other cases landscapes and portraits. Other drawings instead are projects for the preparation of large-format works made to show the clients or the craftsmen who had to take care of the execution. 

One of the drawings exposed is an important drawing by Fortunato Duranti (1787-1863) that was generously donated to the Museum in memory of Riccardo Bareggi and that fits-in perfectly with the other drawings, by the same artist, that are already present in the Lampugnani collection.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the Rotary Club Milano Ovest which has always aided the Museum with activities regarding the study and development of this important collection.

The set-up was curated by Unifor and with the collaboration of Luca Rolla and Alberto Bertini. 

The exhibition’s catalogue, which comprehends articles and information regarding the drawings, is curated by Tiziana Monaco and published by Tipografia Editrice Temi, Trento.