Gyokushu - 5499

Gyokushu, Edo/Tokyo school

Raijin, God of Thunder
Ryuchin workshop, late 19th century
3,0x3,3x3,2 cm
玉秀 (Gyokushu)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5499

This netsuke shows a figure of demonic aspect sitting on a large drum. It is Raijin (or Raiden), the god of thunder, which has among his typical attributes the drum he is painting (or cleaning) with a bristle brush. The umbos of the drum, decorated on both sides with the motif of the "three commas" (mitsu tomoe), are inlaid in horn. At the base of the drum there is the signature Gyokushu  (玉秀).

Gyokushu was a skilled artist who produced netsuke and okimono mainly for export. Active in Tokyo in the late nineteenth century, he favoured among his subjects, groups of figures including demons (oni, 鬼). In this regard, see the other okimono by the same author in the Lanfranchi collection, and also a second unsigned model of Raijin.


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