Hidemasa - 5468

Hidemasa, Ōsaka school

Peasant woman
mid 19th century
3,0x1,8x2,1 cm
秀正 (Hidemasa)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5468

The netsuke depicts a woman, probably a peasant with a basket in her right hand. Perhaps to shelter herself from the rain, she is holding her coat over her head and shoulders. The two holes of the himotoshi are on the back, the larger one is lower than the smaller one. Under the basket is engraved the signature Hidemasa (秀 正) .

This signature allows us to place this piece in the Hidemasa workshop, active in Ōsaka since the first half of the nineteenth century and which was headed by several masters who signed in the same way.
In the Lanfranchi collection there is another piece belonging to the workshop of Hidemasa which is set in a marine environment.


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