Chomin - 5628

Chomin , Japan

Sleeping Boar
late 19th century
2,5x3,8x2,5 cm
寵民 (Chomin)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5628

not on display

Okimono depicting a boar (inoshishi: ) placidly asleep on a bed of autumn leaves with grasses falling over his back. In Eastern tradition the boar is the twelfth animal of the zodiac, it is associated with the tenth month and hours between nine and eleven p.m.; in addition, it is also connected to Autumn. The boar is considered a strong and brave animal and a symbol of prosperity due to its bulky size.

The signature Chomin () can be found on the base of the okimono, under a small rock.

Chomin mostly worked with ivory and his favourite subjects were fauna, marine subjects and sometimes groups of figures that he realized as small netsuke and okimono. His connection to a specific school is problematic. The Lanfranchi collection has another piece depicting a wild boar, but of older age, signed Kunitsugu.




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