Kogetsu - 5458

Kogetsu - Nagoya school

Zucchini and Wasp
late 19th century
15,0x2,2x1,7 cm
江月 (Kogetsu)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5458

Wooden netsuke of sashi (差し, netsuke category of elongated shape) type depicting a zucchini with flowers. Near the larger section of the vegetable there is a hole in which lays a wasp. The cord (himo) passes through a double ring, carved at the narrow end of the netsuke, and proceeds through the plant tendrils. In the vicinity of the wasp there is the signature Kogetsu (江 月).

The theme of the insect on a fruit or a vegetable was favoured mainly by a group of netsukeshi active in the mid-nineteenth century in Nagoya, including Kogetsu, author of this piece of the Lanfranchi collection. Several pieces of this artist are documented, all invariably carved in wood, with great refinement and accurate realistic rendering.