Masatoshi - 5605

Shinkeisai Masatoshi - Edo/Tokyo school

Landscape with pavillions and figures
Tomochika workshop - ca. 1840 - 1860
2,2x4,5x2,0 cm
正利 (Masatoshi)
2005 bequest Legato Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5605

not on display

Netsuke of compact form where, surrounded by a dense forest on a rocky peak,  can be seen a tea house with a few figures on the edge of a wall. The signature Masatoshi (正 利) is carved on the base of the piece.

The author is Shinkeisai Masatoshi whose style is very similar to that one of Tomochika workshop.  Among his favourite subjects there are mainly figures and animals, but we should also remember the landscapes, in which he specialized and of which he made many variations. Generally these works, like the other example from the Lanfranchi collection signed Shinkeisai (真敬齋), where very compact, with a triangular section and not tinted; the small holes of the himotoshi are on the base. In the Lanfranhi collection there is also a Daruma netsuke signed Tomochika.


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