Bracelet - inv. 5382

Trapani, mid 19th century

Bracelet with Bacchae
coral   gold  
mm 176 x 43
2005 bequest Carlo Borgomaneri
Inv. 5382

Jewelry Room

The iconography of this work is inspired by the gorgeous taste of the Second Empire with mythological allegorical compositions, putti, cherubs, foliage and leaves but also by the so called "archaeological" which focuses on compositions in high relief and full relief with Bacchae, rams and vines. The woman poses reminiscent of a series of female figures of Torrese manifacture but some details and the forms more closely resemble the manufacture of Trapani that in this period offers the same themes. A particular pink pattern along with the crumpled leaf are, in fact, elements can be found in this type of work in the mid-nineteenth century. During this period,  dowels are often used to make the most of the small pieces of coral creating a sort of assemblement and give more texture to the bracelet, according to the taste of the time.