Necklace and earrings - inv. 5380 a/b

Torrese manifacture, 1860-70

Necklace and earrings
silver gilt   coral  
mm 420 x 42 (necklace, mm 68 (earrings)
Inv. 5380 a/b

Jewelry Room

Rich decorative elements with archaeological amphorae, vines and ram heads. The artists from Torre del Greco and Naples in the second half of the nineteenth century privilege "Pompeian" inspired elements abandoning the bas-relief for the benefit of high relief and all round compositions. Bacchae, rams, vines, amphoras which are copmposed as in a painting of the third Roman style, become widely diffused. It is possible to compare them with some colliers n the Liverno collection,mid-century, in the Sebastianelli collection ca 1860, and one in the Iacobelli collection 1860-70s that even if more complex present a decoration with amphoras and Bacchae.