Yoshikyo - 5566

Yoshikiyo, Tokyo school (?)

late 19th - early 20th century
5,8x6,4x4,5 cm
美清 (Yoshikiyo)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5566

The okimono, composed by several ivory pieces, represents a sitting man who practices the art of ikebana ("living flowers"; 生け花). He is about to collect a bunch of flowers in a bundle of reeds and probably will put this flower arrangement in the vase placed on a low two-drawer dresser.  At his feet a box contains the working tools; at his hobi is hanging, through a netsuke, a tobacco pouch  (tabako-ire, 煙草入) with its pipe (kiseru, 煙管) placed inside a case (kiseruzutsu, 煙管筒). At the base of the composition, on a red lacquer plaque  the signature Yoshikiyo (美清) is carved.

There is no specific imformation about Yoshikyo, but the style of his composition and the use of the red lacquer plaque are very similar to those used by the Tokyo Sculptors' Society (Tokyo Choko-Kai; 東京彫会), active since the eighties of 19th century, whose members were specialised in the production of intricated and realistic okimono.