Komin - 5598

Komin - Japan

Nō Actor in the Role of Shojo
mid 19th century
legno laccato  
3,5x3,2x1,5 cm
光珉 (Komin)
2005 bequest Maria Taglietti Lanfranchi
Inv. 5598

Netsuke decorated with geometrical motifs and stylised flowers using the hiramaki-e lacquering technique (平蒔絵, smooth surface sprinkled with gold or silver powders). The piece represents a theatre actor in the role of Shojo. The two himotoshi holes, one larger than the other, are placed on the back. The smaller one is highlighted by a green rim. The signature Komin (光珉) is placed nearby on the left, in a rectangular reserve refined by a gold rim.

Netsuke like this, where lacquer was used for wood decoration, were particularly produced during the 19th century: usually  they were made by artists specialized in the use of this material, rather than by real netsukeshi. Probably also Komin, author of this piece, was mainly a carver that only in a few cases engaged himself in making netsuke.

The Lanfranchi collection comprises another piece with a Nō actor in the role of Okina made by Shugyoku.

Information about the character of Shojo can be found in the description of the netsuke made by Tadatoshi.


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