Giuseppe Bertini - inv. 31

Giuseppe Bertini (1825-1898)

watercolour on paper  
33 x 31 cm
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 31

not on display
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It is difficult to give a precise date to this work which is part of the vast production of costume studies, in watercolour, that Giuseppe Bertini ventured upon, along with many 19th-century Lombard artists, such as Giuseppe Molteni, Domenico Induno and Eleuterio Pagliano. Costume study was part of their academic training and painters continued to realise these subjects, so suited to the expressive possibilities offered by watercolour, thanks to their pleasing effect and hence success with collectors. Costume studies of mountain, Ciociara or neo-17th-century dress were the subjects preferred by Bertini in works in this genre, now housed in public and private collections.

Watercolour, which does not permit overpainting and requires rapid execution, was well suited to the artist to show off his masterly skills of great technical ability which, according to the artist himself, had had its greatest example in Luigi Scrosati.