Paolo Farinati - inv. 1544

Paolo Farinati (1524-1606)

The Virgin and the Child
1590 c.
54,5 x 44,2 cm
1895 acquisition 
Inv. 1544

Palma Room
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The painting was bought in 1895 by Giuseppe Bertini, the first director of the Museum, as a work by an anonimous Veronese artist. Later studies have confirmed the attribution to the late activity of Paolo Farinati, painter and architect who had a very successful workshop in Verona, and was a friend of Paolo Veronese.

The Virgin holds with tender confidence a dynamic baby Jesus, who gently strokes her face and plays with her veil. The unusual foreshortening of the Child pose comes from some works by Veronese painted in the 1580s.

There are two copies of this canvas, now in Civic museums in Padua and Treviso, both attributed to a collaborator of Farinati, Bernardino India.