Domenico Fetti (copy by) - inv. 331

Copy by Domenico Fetti

The Deposition
17th century, first half
82,8 x 66,5 cm
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 331

Trivulzio Room
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This is an old copy of a Deposition by Domenico Fetti, a Roman painter who became famous in Mantua at the court of Ferdinando Gonzaga. The original painting belongs to a series of four paintings dedicated to the passion of Christ, now conserved in Florence.
In this canvas light plays a fundamental role, illuminating the scene along a diagonal path. In the top left corner a rock can be glimpsed with the crosses erect on it; the rest of the scene takes place in an enclosed space. In the opposite corner, low down on the right, the light falls on a corner of the tomb where the body of Christ is being carried with immense difficulty and grief. At the top, above the Virgin’s luminous head, two angels are watching the scene.
Fetti was much appreciated especially for his inventiveness in portraying episodes from the Holy Scriptures. Since patrons asking to have copies of his works were so numerous, his workshop rapidly increased as did the number of his collaborators. The artist gave them a model to follow and made the final retouches to paintings himself before they were delivered to clients.