Luciano Borzone (attribuito a) - inv. 296

Attributed to Luciano Borzone (1590-1645)

Portrait of a Woman
oil on canvas  
60 x 43 cm
1893 acquisition 
Inv. 296

Lace Room
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The woman is wearing a black dress with a large white lace ruff. A valuable pearl necklace is pinned to her chest, ending on one side with a crucifix and a medal and on the other with a coat of arms. Her identity is unknown; the portrait is probably part of a larger composition.
The arrangement and the use of light are similar to those seen in portraits painted by Rubens in Genoa, during his stay there at the beginning of the seventeenth century (1604-1606). Thanks to these characteristics, together with the simplified modelling and the way in which the illuminated parts of the face have been painted, the work has been attributed to the Genoese painter Luciano Borzone, an artist still little known although numerous portraits by him are mentioned in various documents.