Vittore Ghislandi called Fra Galgario - inv. d.t. 718

Vittore Ghislandi called Fra Galgario (1655-1743)

Portrait of a Young Man
100 x 80 cm
1976 deposit Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Inv. d.t. 718

Ghislandi Room
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This is a particularly attractive variant of the ‘character head studies’ genre, which are not strictly portraits, but rather images of strongly characterised human types (the old man, the beggar, the soldier, and so on). They were fashionable in the eighteenth century in the Veneto region and in Bologna, in Lombardy and also in France, England and Germany.
Gazing proudly and intensely at the spectator, the young man is posed with an arm behind his back while the other is elegantly positioned in front of him. He is wearing a red cloak over a blue jacket and has a gold sash at his waist that gives light to the painting.

For its sparkling colours and richness of the pictorial matter, the work recalls another portrait by Fra Galgario, L’Allegrezza, that is in the Museum collections.