Vittore Ghislandi called Fra Galgario - inv. 1545

Vittore Ghislandi called Fra Galgario (1655-1743)

Portrait of a Gentleman
110 x 90 cm
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 1545

Ghislandi Room
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The person depicted is wearing an ample pink silk garment over a blue waistcoat and a shirt with large ruffled cuffs, with a white tie at his neck. He has a haughty expression and is posed classically, with one hand on his chest and the other on his hip.

In this type of portrait the artist seems to be obstinately announcing the direction of his research, in which the sitter refers to his social context in ways that differed from official European portrait painting of the period. The work belongs to Ghislandi’s mature phase, as emerged in the 1730s, in which the vibrant tones and strong warm colours typical of the Venetian tradition and Titian are emphasised.