Bernardino Lanino - inv. 1615

Bernardino Lanino (c. 1512-1583)

Virgin Nursing the Child with Two Angels
1550 c.
65 x 51 cm
1890 acquisition 
Inv. 1615

Lombard Rooms
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The panel is not in good condition. The Virgin is holding the Child in her arms as she sits in the centre against a dark background. Jesus turns to look at the observer while he grasps his mother’s breast. Two smaller angels flank the holy group.
The Virgin’s features, the gentle yet sad glance, and her hairstyle are typical of Bernardino Lanino from Vercelli, a pupil and follower of Gaudenzio Ferrari. The iconography has been inspired by Leonardo’s Madonna Litta, and the work was certainly for a domestic altar. The slightly lesser quality of the painting compared to other works by Lanino has led to think that it might be by his follower and collaborator, Boniforte Oldoni.