Painter from Veneto 16th century - inv. 195

Painter from Veneto, 16th century

Portrait of a Man
59,6 x 51,7 cm
1879 bequest Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
Inv. 195

not on display

The paint surface is very thin, with a number of retouchings that have altered over time and several over-paintings; in some areas it is so abraded that the reddish ground and some pentimenti show through, along the outline of the sitter’s neck and ear.
Previously, the portrait was held to be by the painter from Bergamo, Giovanni Battista Moroni, and the town that appears in the background, bound by a circle of walls and lying below a mountain, was identified as Bergamo. But it does not appear to have any points of contact with the Bergamo tradition – on stylistic grounds – and the fortified town does not have anything in common with traditional iconography for the Lombard town of Bergamo.
It is a sober portrait with a restrained expression, especially in the blue eyes gaze. It is possible to compare this paintings with the Venetian portraits by Leandro Bassano or Domenico Brusasorci.