In the new Jewellery Room and in the showcase of the Dante Study we find religious objects (crosses, goblets, tabernacles, aspergillums…), Limoges and Lombard enamels, jewels and objets de vertu (cups and a little collection of miniature pistols and knives with ivory handles and gilded blades): it’s a collection worthy of a Wunderkammer.

In the collection there are Archaeological items such as beautiful Etruscan, Greek and Roman jewels and Medieval crosses decorated with Limoges enamels.  Representative of the Renaissance goldsmith tradition are the famous, highly refined reliquary called "Pax of Rivolta d'Adda", the rock crystal lamp made by the Saracchi workshop, the Dove Pendant and the Invencible Armada Pendant. The collection is enriched by some 19th century parures which belonged to Rosa Trivulzio(1800-1859), Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli's mother.