The library is open to the public by appointment Monday-Friday, from 2 PM to 5:30 PM.
To schedule an appointment please call  +39 02 45473.800 or e-mail

The library is located in Milan, Via Ugo Foscolo 3, stair 9, 3rd floor. Upon arrival, please deposit bags and personal belongings in the cloakroom or lockers. An I.D. is required for admission to the library.

The librarian will bring books to the costumers. The room is equipped with 2 seats, laptop capability, internet access, computer-assisted research material, video projector, slide projector, CD, DVD and player.
Photocopy service is not available: a signed release form is required to ensure all copied material, made by the customer on his own, will be used solely for study and respect the limits of Italian law that no more than 15% of a publication may be photocopied. Loan: Materials are not available for borrowing and/or Interlibrary Loan.
Document Delivery: the service of delivered documents is available for publications by e-mail.

Exchange programme
The Library cooperates with various national and international museums at the exchange programme. Please e-mail to start an exchange program reminding you to attach a copy of your exchange list.

Since 2006 new acquisitions and some sections (decorative arts, museology and museography) were catalougued in the Sistema Bibliotecario Nazionale thanks to grants from the Regione Lombardia.
N.B. In the research mask  "Biblioteca" select "(MI) Biblioteca della Fondazione Poldi Pezzoli"

The actual library’s book collection consists of over 8,500 volumes and 128 periodicals dedicated to modern art, general topics, exhibition catalogues, catalogues of museum collections, theory of modern art criticism and art journals.
Noteworthy books:
- Catalogues of exhibitions held at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum
- Catalogues of museum collections

The library originated after the Second World War to support the scientific department. It has grown thanks to a library exchange program and donations from national and international institutions.
Students from around the world use the library to write their theses on topics of modern art.

Antique Library
The antique Library is located inside the museum; it includes 3500 volumes (33 incunabula and 623 "cinquecentine"). You can consult the volumes by appointment (
Explore The "Cinquecentine" collection using EDIT 16, the on line catalogue by the National ICCU. 
NB In "codice di localizzazione" write "MIO337" and find all the XVI century editions of the Museum.

Lavinia Galli
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