The Museum organizes cultural, didactic, informative and promotional events, all with the goal of engaging the interest, participation and enjoyment on the part of our audience.

By becoming a Sponsor of the Poldi Pezzoli, public and private institutions provide key support to our House-Museum in achieving these goals.
The projects available for such support are numerous: exhibitions, restoration of specific works, special projects, conferences, teaching laboratories, publicity campaigns, and promotions, special fund-raising activities, the production of museum-branded merchandise: all these require financing from our supporters.


  • Display of your corporate logo in the promotional communications related to the project that is being funded, including posters, publicity, press releases, invitations, as well as mention on the web site of the Museum;
  • presentation and communication to the media of the special initiative being financed;
  • possibility to organize fund-raising evenings with special visits to the museum, dedicated specifically to the project Sponsor.

We would be pleased to discuss with you an individualized sponsorship most suited to your needs.

Contact Information:
Elisabetta Guadalupi
Institutional Relations
+39 02 4547 3813