Giuseppe Molteni - inv. 4561

Giuseppe Molteni (1800-1867)

1835 c.
oil on canvas  
51 x 44 cm
1997 donation Francesco and Anna Piccolo Brunelli
Inv. 4561

Antique Murano Glass Room
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Still in its original frame, this painting is unusual for Giuseppe Molteni, who usually painted only contemporary figures. The artist took the subject of this canvas, painted in 1835, from one of the most widely read historical novels in his time, Ivanhoe by Walter Scott. Rebecca is one of the main characters in the story, which takes place in the twelfth century, and had become one of the most popular literary heroines of the Romantic period.
Molteni’s skill is evident in the detailing: the long silky hair over her shoulders, the lightness of the feather, the brilliance of the elaborate turban.