Filippo Palizzi - inv. 257

Filippo Palizzi (1818-1899)

Figure of a Peasant Girl
oil on paper  
31 x 24 cm
"Fil. Palizzi"
1914 bequest Camillo Boito
Inv. 257

not on display
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Filippo Palizzi is considered one of the most representative artists of the Neapolitan ‘Verist’ school. Enrolling first at the Academy, he abandoned this for the ‘School of Posillipo’, which chose to work in the open air. While proving himself in history painting, he is best known as a painter of lowly subjects and rural themes, depicted from life with great realism.
His work is characterised by an attentive study of light, which he renders through a particular use of the material: thick wide brushstrokes in the shaded parts; finer, minute strokes of different colours in the areas hit by light.

This small painting, datable to the 1880s, shows the full-length figure of a woman standing in profile on a country path. Staunch supporter of painting from life, the artist gives us a portrait and not a conventional depiction. Caught in an act of daily life, the young peasant woman, with well defined facial traits, is holding a sickle and a bunch of grass.