Riccardo Pellegrini - inv. 3201

Riccardo Pellegrini (1863-1934)

The Wedding Feast
oil on cardboard  
16,2 x 23,7 cm
"Ricardo Pellegrini"
1935-1945 donation Pellegrini's widow
Inv. 3201

not on display
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The subject matter of this painting, a wedding feast, places it in the group of genre paintings. Recently restored, it can be dated to between the 1880s and 1890s, although bears no date.
It is a hot summer’s day and the guests are sitting at a rectangular table outside a house or country inn. The work shows the typical traits of Pellegrini’s production with the people painted with rapid cartoon-like strokes. The feeling of movement is emphasised by the pictorial technique, characterised by short thick strokes and by a skilful rendering of light in its effects of colour and play of shadows.
Investigating reality, Pellegrini also pauses on minutely detailed descriptions. The spectator’s attention is soon caught by the various types of plants and flowers in the garden, and by the hairstyles and garments of the characters.
The choice of colour range, characterising a Mediterranean environment (perhaps Spanish or southern Italian), reveals the influence of Domenico Morelli.