Luigi Sabatelli - inv. 4728

Luigi Sabatelli (1772-1850)

oil on canvas  
44 x 103 cm
"Aloysius Sabtellis 1811"
1998 donation Alberto Falck
Inv. 4728

not on display
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 Artist of the Lombard Romantic season, Luigi Sabatelli dedicated most of his career to decoration. This is documented by a series of prestigious public and private commissions, both in Tuscany, his birthplace, and in Milan, where he moved at the end of the first decade of the nineteenth century.
This canvas, formerly part of the rich corpus of works by the artist collected by Riccardo Lampugnani, can be referred to this production, now partly lost. It is in fact a monochrome, recreating the illusion of a carved bas relief, an extremely popular technique in Lombardy in the early nineteenth century. The horizontal format indicates that it might have been an over-door. The choice the subject, a dance of nymphs and satyrs, also places this work in the first period after the artist’s move to Milan, when his interpretation of profane Neoclassical themes was rendered with charm and naturalness.