Marco Palmezzano - inv. 1557

Marco Palmezzano (c. 1460-1539)

The Annunciation
24,3 x 47,2 cm
1896 acquisition 
Inv. 1557

Perugino Room
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This work is linked to The Marriage of the Virgin (inv. 1554).

Although acquired separately by the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, the two panels were most probably part of a larger work: their dimensions suggest that they might have been predella panels in an altar painting. The author of the two works is Marco Palmezzano, a painter from Romagna active between the end of the fifteenth and the first half of the sixteenth century.

The paintings are characterised by symmetrical compositional schemes of great narrative simplicity: the figures move against the background of an ideal landscape, defined only in its most essential elements, in a way that shows the influence of Perugino. In The Annunciation, the Virgin is seated on a marble throne that rests on a low pedestal with a beautiful Renaissance building behind her and the announcing angel kneeling before her. A certain amount of attention, characteristic of the Romagna pictorial tradition, has also been given to the drapery, especially to the angel’s. The graceful movements and measured, composed gestures, corresponding to typical expressive pictorial conventions in vogue during the years spanning the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are particularly striking in The Marriage of the Virgin.

Palmezzano was trained in the artistic tradition of his native city, and in particular following the example of the most important painter from Forlì, Melozzo, together with influence form the Ferrara school. The two panels are datable to the first decade of the sixteenth century.


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